Points about this video:


1) Analogy between running Jungfrau Marathon and having created businesses in the past.


2) This is how I was feeling less than 24hrs before one of the toughest marathons, so I broke my main two rules for running: ‘No stopping’ – ‘No Walking’. + Anything is possible regardless how difficult it may seem beforehand: Believe in yourself.


3) It is because of breaking my own ‘rules’ in business and previous investments why I have managed to overcome things. The same applies in everything in life: there are no rules!


4) Setting up your ‘rules’ can be fun, but it is important to acknowledge when these are limiting beliefs: be open to the unlimited possibilities offered to you.


5) Your goals are crucially important, but how you reach these varies and you must be open to the uncertainty.


6) Knowing yourself and how you want to do things is good, but they must NOT become standards. Standards can be quite self-defeating, seeing things such or ‘good/bad’ is often a faulty way of seeing things and is not an empowering way of appreciating your current actions.


7) Done is often better than ‘perfect’.


8) Understanding that there are so many ways of achieving something sets you free: When you know that there are unlimited mathematical equations that end up on number 10 you surrender to ‘your own ways’ and life and business is so much joyous https://libido-de.com/kamagra-online-kaufen/.


9) It is for the above reasons why I did finished the marathon despite the odds of flu and altitude within the timeframe that they have requested.


Rico Pieroni


Entrepreneur | Property Investor | Sourcing Agent | Business Coach | Ultra runner in the making | Insanely Curious


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