Here are a handful of latest 2020 case studies.

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3 BED STUDENT HMO – 13% Gross yield potential – STOKE ON TRENT

13% rental yield on a standard tenancy. £104k all fees included. Still in progress, and with a complete full renovation inc new heating system and flooring found here. Looking forward to share the aftermath viewings! Rental wise we have options (covid or not covid). Stay tuned 🙂

3 BED STUDENT HMO – 12% Gross yield potential – STOKE ON TRENT

12% right within the University campus, £115k after all refurbishment and fees included, very rare budget for such location!! Still in progress, and had a lot of work done! new heating system and change of layout meaning that the entire staircase had to be redone. More coming soon!

3 BED HMO/BTL – 16% / 6.3% Gross yield – STOKE ON TRENT

Approx £95,000 all fees included. This is a good property found right within many of the current regeneration schemes in Stoke on Trent. Partial refurbishment with ensuite, meant to be let to students but the pandemic did ‘slightly’ change our strategy until next year. Good 6.3/7.1% rental yield on a BTL for now 🙂

3 BED STUDENT HMO – 13% Gross yield – STOKE ON TRENT

Partial renovation on this one, already with a client benefiting form a 13% gross rental yield.Very close to the Uni and perfect location for other strategies should our client wish to. It is within walkable distance from where the future HS2 Stoke on Trent route. Big up to the Stoke on Trent student accommodation. 

6 BED HMO – 15% Gross yield – STOKE ON TRENT

This amazing 6 bed HMO has been the result of my ‘curiosity’… it was marketed for a lot higher than the average nearby properties, to discover later that it was twice the size of a standard property.  We planned to refurbish the extension with the builders. Fully let at an average of £80pw per room after licence approval. Not as ‘cheap’ compared to others as it took close to £195k budget all in, but worth every penny!


Only £89k all in, rare find. This is an HMO refurbishment in the Stoke on Trent area. It has been initially prepared for student let but the pandemic did ‘slightly’ changed plans. It has instead been let out on a one single contract basis for £950pcm within the first two weeks of works completion, producing a 13% gross yield for now.  Happy clients!

2 BED BTL TERRACE – 7.1% rental yield – STOKE ON TRENT

It doesn’t happen often where we walk into a property and already see a great yield with £200 ‘renovation’ costs needed! Good rental yield from day one. Happy days!


This one has a bittersweet taste, as we wanted to do a 6 bed HMO although it resulted in a 5 bed HMO. I still can’t complain 🙂


What makes a good property deal? Committed to the highest quality and results is important, but to think outside of the box and tailor to your particular needs of works and rental niche in the area takes time an experience.


I often ask new clients why do you use a property sourcing agent? there is a misunderstanding that it is about ‘getting discounts’ although there are more to it than just ‘BMV’.



Regular updates of works and progress. We work with clients from Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Europe, Canada and other countries. Time differences can sometimes be a challenge, hence why want to have systems in place for a smooth updates and communication.



Working together towards your goals. Feel free to contact us to schedule a call and ask us for further information and to hear your questions.
I met Rico and Treasure Tower about 2 years ago when he introduced himself as a property finder. I did wonder what extra value he could add to the property exercise. I then listened to a 10 minute presentation he gave and the figures he was talking about and the rental yields were incredible. I followed this up with a meeting with Rico and was very impressed with his obvious depth of knowledge in property and his reasons for identifying certain UK spots as good property locations.

My husband and I decided to use our savings on a rental property, which Rico located for us within a matter of weeks. It was a run down 3 bed terrace which required some capital expenditure on renovations. Rico provided us with a comprehensive breakdown of costs and helped us on possible outcomes depending we decided to either rent out, sell or refinance which made the decision to proceed very easy. Rico introduced us to building contractors who provided a very good service at reasonable prices.
Once the property was ready to let, we engaged the management agents that Rico introduced us to who provide a fully managed service at very competitive rates.

I am pleased to report that Rico has turned our modest savings into a capital and an income-generating asset and we are enjoying a fantastic rental yield.

The whole process was painless, which was part of the attraction as living in London I was not interested in making numerous trips to visit properties or manage works.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Rico’s service – he is very knowledgeable, professional, and can help on every aspect of a property purchase to avoid any extra costs and minimizing risks.

Kate B. - Litigation Laywer - United Kingdom


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