Seller Tips

When selling your house to get the best results you need the right information. There are a lot of things you can do to make your home more attractive and add value, there are definitely more things you can do that are expensive and time consuming – that will have no effect on how fast you sell and the price you get.

As with anything to do with property it’s very important to consider the return you’ll get. For example a lick of paint and a tidy up of your garden is a fast way to make your home more attractive and give a kerb appeal to potential buyers, more expensive projects like laying a new floor or fitting a new floor or moving walls might not give you the return you’re expecting for the price they’re likely to cost.
Remember before you spend a lot of money on preparing your house for a sale, consider whether you are better to sell today at a good price and leave the hard work to someone else.
Cash buyers like our clients are used to dealing with houses in all kinds of conditions, so may provide a faster and more hassle free option.

These tips range from marketing strategies to the maintenance that really matters, how to present your home in the best possible light, how to price your home to sell and how to make contact with cash buyers who can pay the right price fast.

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