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We also work Investors who are looking to take and income or cash profit from specific opportunities. In the service the investor shares an income profits with Treasure Tower Property Consultant. 
This service operates on the basis that the Client provides the capital for the development and Treasure Tower provide the sourcing and project execution – profits being shared in accordance with the JV Agreement on each property. 
With this service the clients have the option of being completely hands off or can have some involvement during the projects. On renovation projects where the exit strategy is to buy-develop and sell, the profits are shared under an agreed percentage split. On other projects, which may involve monthly cash-flow there is an opportunity for both Treasure Tower to split the cash-flow with the Client.
It has been a great pleasure working with Rico and Treasure Tower. We were brand new in property when we started and he helped us with a lot of professionalism. He would take time to explain the area and even had a very comprehensive Discovery Day going through live opportunities at the time.

Whether new and/or experienced investors anyone will get great value from Rico and his connections in the industry.

A great amount of time can be saved with his knowledge and expertise in properties and investment strategies.

I would highly recommend his services and professionalism.

Jim, London


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