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For many Investor Clients and Landlords, what they are ultimately looking for is hassle-free income from each of their properties with minimum voids. We pride ourselves in providing a Guaranteed Rent Scheme.

The scheme operates on a minimum of 12 months per tenancy, which is subject to renewal after this period. This provides you the Landlord with the comfort of knowing that you will receive a guaranteed rent (i.e. no rental voids) for a period of at least 12 months. This is agreed either through a Lease on the property and/or a Management Agreement between the Landlord and us. In the latter case, we would then agree another management agreement between ourselves and the Letting Agency in order for them to take on the full management with us.


In summary here are the benefits of the scheme to you, the Landlord:

  • Guaranteed rent for 12 months at a time
  • Fixed rent 365 days a year.
  • 24 hrs maintainance
  • No management fee per month
  • Only one lettings fee every 12 months per agreement
  • Headache free rental property


Since the rental agreement is with a company, Landlords do not pay any management fee and instead of 6 months tenancy changes, there is only one per year (or longer if Landlords decides to take on longer terms). This is why the scheme is so popular.


Investors Clients and Landlords who simply want a property found and who will then develop it themselves and require no other support.


Typical locations include, central and greater London, Home Counties, Kent, Oxford, Midlands, Manchester, Liverpool and certain northern cities.


This is done either with a Management Agreement or a Lease, the length of the agreement depends on the Client/Landlord’s decision with an option to extend. In many cases, we do agree covering some wear & tear and/or other costs of the property during that period.


Perfect for international investors who are looking for a long-term 
approach on their investments and or any other investor looking for a minimal involvement in the operational and running of their portfolio management. 
With this full service option, the client operates as an armchair investors not getting involved apart from completing and signing contracts, project reviews and similar areas. Treasure Tower takes care of the rest.
I met Rico and Treasure Tower about 2 years ago when he introduced himself as a property finder. I did wonder what extra value he could add to the property exercise. I then listened to a 10 minute presentation he gave and the figures he was talking about and the rental yields were incredible. I followed this up with a meeting with Rico and was very impressed with his obvious depth of knowledge in property and his reasons for identifying certain UK spots as good property locations.

My husband and I decided to use our savings on a rental property, which Rico located for us within a matter of weeks. It was a run down 3 bed terrace which required some capital expenditure on renovations. Rico provided us with a comprehensive breakdown of costs and helped us on possible outcomes depending we decided to either rent out, sell or refinance which made the decision to proceed very easy. Rico introduced us to building contractors who provided a very good service at reasonable prices.
Once the property was ready to let, we engaged the management agents that Rico introduced us to who provide a fully managed service at very competitive rates.

I am pleased to report that Rico has turned our modest savings into a capital and an income-generating asset and we are enjoying a fantastic rental yield.

The whole process was painless, which was part of the attraction as living in London I was not interested in making numerous trips to visit properties or manage works.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Rico’s service – he is very knowledgeable, professional, and can help on every aspect of a property purchase to avoid any extra costs and minimizing risks.

Kate B. - Litigation Laywer - United Kingdom


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